Tuesday, 27 April 2010

In Search of Happiness...

It was a warm and sunny day in the heart of England. Everything was great; people come and go, some even from the farthest reaches of the country! Sun started to settle and a group of people decided to go to a place where the "Legend with a bow" used to live/celebrate. As they were walking looking for a place to stay, they met two merchants with lots of goodies in their bags. As we were trying to work the best deal possible one merchant said: - Hey! I know you from somewhere. - Oh Yeah, I know you too! The other one replied. They changed their information and went to different ways. With smiles on their faces, they went straight to the place where music and people do some incredible things with their bodies. Unfortunately they weren’t been able to get inside a place like that, because the guard asked for a strange thing, that they thought it was needless. With sadness in their faces they tried to get into a few of these places, but they couldn’t. Some even said that their shoes weren’t right. Since then they were known to people as the “Merry Men”.
-The End.

Just for lolz,
im not the story writer