Monday, 19 October 2009


so im jsut wondering if any of you guys still using mIRC ?
cuz im using it and it would be a better way to communicate wityh each other, for those who has no no idea what it is i can explain everything in detail, and we could connect to a channel and talk about stuff in real time?
what do u think?
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Wednesday, 14 October 2009


just finished my homework, now gonna play smth and later football mens football!!!
hope maradona wont fail :(
probably gonna be late to the class tomorrow , not enough sleep ...
and one for the lulz
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engrish funny door enter
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Friday, 9 October 2009

Web authoring

i really dont understand why we have to be in that class with only 8 MACs.... why cant we go to LG20 gaming room, everyone would have a computer and it would be much better, thats what i think
now we sitting in that room with 2 or 3 persons a MAC and like half of class cant work.
Is it cuz confetti wants us to work on MACs or what? im not complaining or anything but i would rather work on my own comp without sharing it... its like i have to do double job if u know what i mean, i write everything down on my paper , after lesson i have to go home to redo all my work on my PC, cuz i cant uderstand whats going after and what do i need to write to add colours, what goes after that and so on... all i know now is HTML , HEAD and BODY.
so im just wondering why we have to work on MACs and we have to share them instead of having your own pc.
leave your thoughts
2 cents

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

about this trip

ok, first of all no more pictures in my blog, unless ill find a really good one,
i wanted to start adding screenshopts from my life in my favourite game but Kelly said she wants to know whats our experience at confetti so maybe later.
now ive got a question about this trip lol, cuz obviously i was playing CS and dint hear what she said .
ive heard she said it would cost like 8 pounds? so thats for the ticket or getting into london? or its not even in london? so im just wondering how much would it cost to get there and get a ticket, few beers or w/e . the reason im asking this is to become a favourite group of Kelly so we could dance around and sing or smth :(
leave your comment plx plox
2 cents

Monday, 5 October 2009


so ive came back home after session, tried to turn my pc on and i was like - WTF?! its dead..? after unplugin everything it works again lulz, THANK GOD
anyway, saw this cod mw2 trailer and cant wait for it to be released.
now i gtg to work so see ya tomarrau!
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loled @ this pic , had to add it :d
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Sunday, 4 October 2009


not going into much detail what happened on friday but yesterday i was in GOOSE FAIR - totaly wasted my time, huge wind, cold, nut funny at all and afterwards had to go home by walk.
never never never going again.
today i woke up, sun is shining and im hoping ill have a good sunday of football so
funny pictures of cats with captions
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Thursday, 1 October 2009

About this Blog

lol today i have to move to another room (bigger one) HAHA :(
left my assigment in EST without any CD or a flash drive, so i guess i FAIL.
anyway im not sure about this blog thingy, dunno why i had to create it, its a waste of time and one thing for sure i wont keep it updated, so

just checkin

Ive got a blog