Friday, 9 October 2009

Web authoring

i really dont understand why we have to be in that class with only 8 MACs.... why cant we go to LG20 gaming room, everyone would have a computer and it would be much better, thats what i think
now we sitting in that room with 2 or 3 persons a MAC and like half of class cant work.
Is it cuz confetti wants us to work on MACs or what? im not complaining or anything but i would rather work on my own comp without sharing it... its like i have to do double job if u know what i mean, i write everything down on my paper , after lesson i have to go home to redo all my work on my PC, cuz i cant uderstand whats going after and what do i need to write to add colours, what goes after that and so on... all i know now is HTML , HEAD and BODY.
so im just wondering why we have to work on MACs and we have to share them instead of having your own pc.
leave your thoughts
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  1. i agree dude. i see you on your own during web authoring & its not good. im sure pete wouldnt mind you sharing with us if you could squeeze in. its not the same as us having a pc to ourselves i know, but taking it in turns to enter some html & see if it works instead of waiting till you go home must be better!

    plus i think other groups like gs9 1 or 3 need lg20 too so we have to be moved around.

    kelly did say its a 2 way street, we make her happy & she tries to make us happy, get on her case! ^_^

  2. Raiden is right...But I do understand where your coming from. Tbh I really dont mind working in groups.

  3. We'll make some changes, I promise!