Tuesday, 6 October 2009

about this trip

ok, first of all no more pictures in my blog, unless ill find a really good one,
i wanted to start adding screenshopts from my life in my favourite game but Kelly said she wants to know whats our experience at confetti so maybe later.
now ive got a question about this trip lol, cuz obviously i was playing CS and dint hear what she said .
ive heard she said it would cost like 8 pounds? so thats for the ticket or getting into london? or its not even in london? so im just wondering how much would it cost to get there and get a ticket, few beers or w/e . the reason im asking this is to become a favourite group of Kelly so we could dance around and sing or smth :(
leave your comment plx plox
2 cents


  1. it's like £8 for a ticket for a day pass at the convention where we're going and Kelly is booking a mini bus for us to get down to London :) She said Hopefully it'll cost around a tenner for everything and then bring some money for whatever you wanna buy out there!

  2. less CS and more listening!

    well, just a bit more listening! ^_^