Tuesday, 9 February 2010

World of Warcraft :D

you know when you doing something on the internet and after like 20 mins u find yourself doing totally different thing or watching something, so i was reading one forum and i saw this topic about world of warcraft, and most of the posts were referring to this Leeroy Jenkins player in WOW, so ive googled it and i found this:


after reading it i went on youtube and i played this video :D

After i saw it i was like loughing for 2 minutes straight... God these guys are douchbags.. :D OMG JEEZES LEEROY OH FUCK :DDDDDDDD
if u havent seen this, well then have fun watching it, i certainly had :D

there is also another one. which is good :D

Looks like today has been a good lough DAY!


  1. I just spent so long laughing to that first video, gonna watch the second know.... 'Leery, you are soooo stupid...' 'least I ain't chicken!'

  2. ...... second video...hmmm

  3. ye the first video is made of win lol :D

  4. LEEEEEROOOOOYYYY lol at least i have chicken lol