Saturday, 9 January 2010

sad news

yep, apparently most of my clan members has been banned from the world of Lineage II, so i guess im done with it. 2 years of grinding and this is how ncsoft repays to us, well not me, i still got my character but what im supposed to do now lol....

worst new year start eVAA P:( LOTS OF SADFAISES


  1. look on the bright side, you can now go out and enjoy the sights and smells of the real world again, oh wait, wasnt that the reason you started that game in the first place?

    well looking on the bright side........err no, youre right, that is just a massive kick to the clock weights!

    but seriously, if your grinding cannot be saved, take it as a sign that some spooky forces want you to concentrate on confetti as its about to get harder there!

  2. u probably right but im thinking of selling my account or finding new people to play with