Saturday, 16 January 2010

Task 1 2010 - Mirror's Edge

Bought it for 6£ and im on chapter 4 atm which sucks, cuz i didnt expected this game to be so hard, spending countless hours on finding the ways to reach the destinations i need.
I was so frustrated yesterday that i turned the game off cuz i just couldnt find my way out. But thats what i like about this game, i thought it will be easy, you know just runnin on the rooftops, sewers and stuff. Maybe i fail at playing these kind of games. Who knows,,,
Ok lets get to the point:
4Ws and H later

-WEll this is the first game of this kind i believe. Like i was younger this Parcour thing looked really cool.
-The game graphics. White colored buildings with blue/orange/red colored places like walls, ladders and other objects to help people to understand where they have to go, which makes life much easier.
-There is an option in game settings where you can choose if you want to see those colored objects. I tried to play with that option turned on... ITS PAIN IN ZE AAAAS. But thats Pro for me, cuz with this option ON it would take like ages to find everything. Maybe ill do it on Hard mode.
-Like Raidden mentioned, the soundtrack is really good. I believe that sound plays huge part in the game, like when i play fifa im tired of listening to the crowd and commentary, all they do is talk the same thing over and over, so i turn them off and listen to my music, which makes the game much better :P. And my friends always tells me to put the good music on in the game if ill be making them one day :).
-The actual gameplay is brilliant in my opinion, there are places where you just run and run and suddenly u enter into the building where the music changes and you have to think for a bit. As i said im only playing chapter 4 after playing ~20 hours and i believe there are 9 chapters, so ive got plenty to do. Now now dont judge me cuz i said its brilliant, but to be honest with you, ive spend all my gaming life playing MMOs, Counter-strike or Call of Duty oh and FIFA, so to be fair this was like a new challenge for me and i think i like it! I definatly start playin more games now.
-Automatic Saving or Checkpoint system. It kills me, there are missions where you have to do a lot of jumping and climbing and when u reach the hard point and if u fail at jumping to it or just failed at moving your character, you just have to start all over.... ;(

-Xbox live = Leaderboards? ;ssss , i wish i could play online with friends or whatever and like, 8 people Capture The Money Bag would be fun...
- enough for now, cant remember all the bad and good stuff, later

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  1. i loved mirrors edge! there are some tough spots to be sure, but like alot of games practice makes perfect. After failing time and time again i can now run with the best of them!

    i guess being a sonic fan might have helped, a little platforming, the feeling of speed, avoiding obstacles just running to your goal.

    plus i found the mirrors edge soundtrack just beautiful!